An Ode To My Mother

Each day as evening falls
That ache builds within my chest
The Sun sets and I hide in my bed

There is no one around
Still I scream without a sound
I cry for the one I loved and lost

Others see me during the day
Think am doing well
Little do they know that as evening falls
I enter my own gloom and hell

Time cannot heal my pain
Cannot quieten my fears
Every night alone in bed
I shed my silent tears

~ For My Mother ~

My Son: Vihaan


My son your smile is my paradise
You light me up like full moon at night!!

I just stare cannot even blink my eyes
You shine me up and so I smile!!

Your smile is light in my life
At day and at the night!!

You are my first ray of light
You light me during day and night
Yes Vihaan you illuminate my life!!

~ Vihaan: First ray of Sun

Rusted Heart


 I am pushed from within
The lame demands is the thing
I am ironed out far from you
I am brown, now that I am away from you

You are in remorse that I know
Your cries do reach to me
I was angry only once before
I have forgiven and we are in love, yet I can’t come back to you

Moisture above and the wind
Taking away life from within
I wither from the blossom that lies within
However hard I try, I can’t come back to you

Shining silvery that I was
Powdery brown I have become
I lost my existence as I withered away
I am rusted, I have lost my form
Still you love me that I know
However hard I try, I can’t come back to you

I stretch my hand come with me
Why cant you rust with me too!!
There is the wind above, come blow with me
I want to fly away with you

I was with you bonded together
Now I plead, you come with me
Together as a rust or a shiny metal
Free to roam this earth again

We took birth from rocks we know
Lets rust together as we will be one
As a metal or as the rust
Useless to others, but we will be one
We will again be one!!

Candle Light


I burn above and give my light
Also to the strangers who hear my plight
I burn above still rooted in you
I burn above and you burn with me too!!

Show the light as you melt in me
I hear your cries deep inside me
You melt in me then I burn
All the emotions now surround me

There is darkness its the night
Love from my flame is the light
We are near yet apart
The love that lights illuminate the night

I don’t know what come of us
We will be wasted soon enough
We will die a slow death
There is a solace that I die before

I am the flame, I came from you
I give my light and burn within
Your love is energy that is in me
I will live till you are in me

Come on you people look at us
Admire that we illuminate darkness away forever
Love or hate that we burn together
Isn’t it lovely that we shine together

Flower Of Love


There is a beautiful flower in our chest
I think of it and I think of you
It now represent me and you

We water it everyday
We love to see its beautiful colours
We keep it tight and close to keep it safe
Lest it suffer from bad weather

It’s painful to miss it any day
We realise that it only appears when we are together
It blossoms when we are happy and together

We are the one that make magic together
We are the one who look good together
We will keep our flower blossomed together!!



There is a person in my life
She makes my life like paradise
She bears my tantrums day and night
Yes my mother, you give me light

She sacrificed everything for me
Her love is purest that can be
Come what may she stands for me
Telling me everything to cheer me

I feel lucky to born of her
I cant be anywhere without her
Now that I am grown up
Have to stand on my feet
In this world, I seek to thee

I stand on morals I got from her
Correcting myself whenever be
For you are a river am part of you
The sweetness inside me came from you

Your love flows inside me
It is my mother that enriches me
She is rare, she loves me unconditionally
Mothers: they are special, for they love you unconditionally!!



Today is a difficult day, I know that
The feeling of loneliness is hard to fight
It comes in waves and tread us through
Sometimes you do not know what to do

It’s hard to realise I miss you so bad
Now that you are gone I miss you bad
There is someone who is close to you
Difficult to forget the memories we had

It is better to let things go
People who are close, never let go
They remain in your heart all the way
Feel their presence and do not sway

Time keep changing all the time
sometimes it’s better this way
All I can say is that I am with you
You are never lonely ever through

You might think you are walking alone
There is me always with you
Wipe your tears and smile my love
Just look behind and I am just beside you

Emotions run deep in my heart
There is no loneliness we never depart
I bless my beloved with all my heart
Come close to me we will never depart
Please come close to me and never depart!!